I.M. Canoe producer of typical ribbed canoes

IM canoe Experience adventure, enjoy the feeling of freedom and joy , be a part of the beautiful natural scenery that surrounds you.


Typical ribbed canoe became a legend, which captures and reflects the natural beauty and it enables you to experience (spend) an inimitable adventure. A legend that makes you become a part of the natural perfection on a lake or a river and returns you a few centuries back. A legend that is still alive...


Typical ribbed canoe catches evrybody´s the attention around when riding. Whoever will want to take a close look at it.


In I'M Canoe there we are ready to produce a precise canoe for you, perfect in every detail.

Paddling a ribbed canoe is a different experience : you feel warm wood, a quiet water ride and confidence due to a long tradition.

...hand made top quality

Productstypical ribbed canoes


Kenai 450



...just indian classic



Wichita 488



...space for everything that you care about

Arawak 500



…space for everything that matters to you


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Historycanoe served in different corners of the world for various purposes

Available information about the early days of canoe is fairly plain, unspecific sometimes it is even contradictory. Perhaps it should be like this, there´s something about a canoe to be shrouded in a little mystery, letting you a space to your imagination. Imagination that wake up your enthusiasm and desire in the moment to sit down and touch water by the canoe paddle.

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Photoexperience an adventure...


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